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Schedule for August Roundtable on Law and the Inner Self

Roundtable on Law and the Inner Self

World Congress of Philosophy

La Sapienza University, Rome


Wednesday 7th August, 15.00-19.00

Venue: Department E Aula 2



Session 1: Law and the Inner Self: Introducing the Project

Chair: Bethany Shiner, Middlesex University


15.00 – 15.20: Overview of the Law and the Inner Self Project

Patrick O’Callaghan, University College Cork


15.20 – 15.40: A Focus on the Fifth Body of Jurisprudence

Felicitas Benziger, University College Cork


15.40 – 16.00: A Focus on the Sixth Body of Jurisprudence

Talya Deibel, University College Cork


16.00 – 16.20: Discussion


16.20 – 16.30: Break


Session 2: The Inner Self in Comparative Perspective

Chair: Giulia Maria Servida, University of Milan


16.30 – 16.50: Chinese Perspectives on the Concept of Freedom of Thought: Historical Roots and Contemporary Realities

Heping Dang, Chinese University of Hong Kong


16.50 – 17.10: Understanding ‘Inner Self’ Through the Prism of African Legal Theory

Sfiso Nxumalo (University of Oxford) & Mark Morgan (Acting Judge of the High Court of South Africa)


17.10 – 17.30: Discussion

17.30 – 17.40: Break


Session 3: The Inner Self in Context

Chair: Felicitas Benziger, University College Cork


17.40 – 18.00: Why Keeping Thoughts to Oneself is Hard When Others Want Access to Them

John Francis & Leslie Francis, University of Utah


18.00 – 18.20: Neurotechnology-Mediated Actions as Acts-in-the-Law

Kelly Amal Dhru, University of Hamburg


18.20 – 18.40: Inner Self vs. Outer Shell: Is Our Mental Fortress as Shielded as Our Physical Armor?

Emine Ozge Yildirim, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

18.40 – 19.00: Discussion

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