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Ongoing Work

Work in progress in the first year of the project (2022-2023) on the part of the PI includes:

  • A cross-disciplinary literature review of existing scholarship on the idea of the inner self;

  • A theory-building/scoping paper on interactions between law and the idea of the inner self;

  • A paper on remembering and forgetting in law and policy, relying on a law and literature-based methodology;

  • Collaboration with Bethany Shiner (Middlesex University/University of Oxford) on a global study of the right to freedom of thought;

  • Collaboration with Bethany Shiner on a paper on 'privacy as mental integrity';

  • Collaboration with Simon McCarthy Jones and Brendan Kelly (Trinity College Dublin), Olga Cronin (Irish Council for Civil Liberties), and Joel Walmsley (University College Cork), on the right to freedom of thought;

  • Collaboration with Fiona Brimblecombe (University of Manchester) on a book project on personality rights and tort law in the digital era.


In 2022-2023, the PI will be presenting core project work and project-related work in the following fora:

  • June 2023: Law & Society Annual Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico;

  • 23rd-25th May 2023: Research Seminar on 'Law and the Inner Self' and Guest Lectures on the Right to Freedom of Thought, University of Verona, Italy;

  • 9th May 2023: Symposium on Privacy in the Digital Age; University of Manchester, UK;

  • 5th & 6th December 2022: Guest lectures on human rights and socio-technological transformations (focusing in particular on the right to freedom of thought), LLM Programme in IT and IP Law, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany.

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